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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cactus's - Tropical Terror [EP]

Tropical Terror
Year: 2008
Download Here

1. Where Is My skeleton?
2. Daddy
3. Perverted Shark
4. Purple Coyote
5. Queen Bee
6. Tiny Teeth

Here is a highly underrated band that I have come across recently. Cactus's is a three-piece punk/thrash/hardcore influenced experimental explosion of sound, based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Tropical Terror is a great listen and the music is out-standing, very energetic, and I enjoyed it so much that I put it on and listened to it three times in a row. The only problem I had with it was that it was barely over fifteen minutes and it was a tease, being this is their only release so far. I applaud Cactus's for their obvious dedication to what they do, to not caring about the profits of this flawed monetary system, and to really, truly caring about the music they write and produce for the sake of themselves and other music lovers. I recommend this release and this band to open-minded listeners and to those who are looking for something new and interesting. Check them out and give them your support.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anthony Green - Avalon

Folk/Indie Rock
Year: 2008
Download Here

1. She Loves Me So
2. Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying To Reach You)
3. Drug Dealer
4. Stonehearted Man
5. Baby Girl
6. Miracle Sun
7. Califone
8. Springtime Out the Van Window
9. Slowing Down (Long Time Coming)
10. The First Day of Work At the Microscope Store
11. Devils Song (This Feels Like A Nightmare)
12. Babygirl (High And Driving Version)
13. The First Day of Work At the Microscope Store (High And Driving Version)
14. The Fisherman Will Be Bewildered (High And Driving Version)
15. Plays Ugly For Daddy (High And Driving Version)
16. She Loves Me So (Demo)
17. Stone Hearted Man (Demo)
18. Slowing Down (Demo)
19. Devils Song (Demo)
20. Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying To Reach You) (Good Old War Version)

Well, I don't know what every other Circa Survive fan thought of Anthony Green's solo material, but I know I certainly enjoyed listening to it. Anthony Green just has such a great voice and I liked the direction he went with his album. I wasn't expecting it to sound like Circa Survive at all, so I wasn't disappointed when I listened to it straight through, I simply took it in as it was. A good listen if you enjoy Mr. Green's singing and are a fan of his other projects.

Æon Spoke - Above The Buried Cry

Above The Buried Cry
Indie/Progressive Rock
Year: 2004
Download Here

1. No Answers
2. Pablo (At The Park)
3. Suicide Boy
4. Grace
5. Silence
6. Emmanuel
7. Face The Wind
8. For Good
9. Nothing
10. Yellowman

Æon Spoke is an easy-listening, serene band created by Paul Masvidal and Sein Reinert (of Cynic and formerly of Death). Above The Buried Cry is a very relaxing album and Masvidal's voice will soothe you to sleep. So roll a fat spliff, pour a nice cup of coffee (or tea, if you're a "tea person") and put on this album.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cynic - Traced In Air

Traced In Air
Progressive Metal
Year: 2008
Download Here

1. Nunc Fluens
2. The Space For This
3. Evolutionary Sleeper
4. Integral Birth
5. The Unknown Guest
6. Adam's Murmur
7. King Of Those Who Know
8. Nunc Stans

After so many years, Cynic have finally come out with a new full length album... and it is far from dissapointing. Although the harsh vocals have been dwindled down to almost nonexistence, Traced In Air is a very beautiful album. The skill of all the musicians in Cynic is just as amazing (if not even more so) than on Focus back in '93. Paul Masvidal's voice only gets better and better. Thank you for reuniting and for releasing new music, Cynic, it is greatly appreciated.

Cynic - Focus

Progressive Metal
Year: 1993
Download Here

1. Veil Of Maya
2. Celestial Voyage
3. The Eagle Nature
4. Sentiment
5. I'm But A Wave To...
6. Uroboric Forms
7. Textures
8. How Could I

Yes... I just had to post it. Those who are familiar with progressive music (especially progressive metal) are most likely familiar with Cynic's legendary album, Focus. These guys had a few demos and then got signed to Roadrunner Records and released this one full length album. Just when they were getting up there, they disbanded for a long time and continued their musical endevours in different projects over the years (most notable Æon Spoke, featuring vocalist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert). In 2006 they reunited and actually toured in 2007 and wrote a new album. Focus was incredibly original for its time and stands as a milestone in progressive music. If you've never heard this album then... you suck... and you should download it right now, listen to it, and then go fucking buy the reissued version, which features some remixes and three kick-ass newer songs.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Human Abstract - Midheaven

Progressive Metal
Year: 2008
Download Here

1. A Violent Strike
2. Procession Of The Fates
3. Breathing Life Into Devices
4. This World Is A Tomb
5. Metanoia
6. The Path
7. Echoes Of The Spirit
8. Calm In The Chaos
9. Counting Down The Days
10. A Dead World At Sunrise

Yet another outstanding display of musicianship by The Human Abstract. Midheaven is their second album and they certainly made some slight changes in their sound, shedding most of the Metalcore influence and using a lot more clean singing than harsh vocals. I wasn't disappointed with this album though, it's a great listen (although I can't say if I like it better than Nocturne). I hear these guys are great live (I hope to see for myself) so go see them and support them!

The Human Abstract - Nocturne

Progressive Metal
Year: 2006
Download Here

1. Harbinger
2. Self Portraits Of The Instincts
3. Nocturne
4. Crossing The Rubicon
5. Sotto Voce
6. Mea Culpa
7. Movement From Discord
8. Channel Detritus
9. Polaris
10. Echelons To Molotovs
11. Desiderata
12. Vela, Together We Await The Storm

First of all... to anyone out there who has the impression that The Human Abstract is a Metalcore band, you should get your ears checked (or stop basing your opinions on what you hear from peoples' mouthes). Yes, there is a slight Metalcore influence... I guess in the style of the harsh vocals and there's probably about two or three breakdowns on this album, but they aren't long, played out, and generic. To me, this is a Progressive band, and anyone who knows anything about skillful musicianship would agree with me; their sound and playing style is very unique. The guitarists in this band are truly amazing at what they do and their drummer's style works very well with their playing. As for the vocalist, Nathan Ells, it's a love/hate situation... personally, I think he has a very powerful and soulful voice when it comes to clean singing, and his harsh vocals are quite strong as well. I love this band and this album and I can't wait until I have another chance to see them live (being I missed them about three times already).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

Fear Of A Blank Planet
Progressive Rock
Year: 2007
Download Here

1. Fear Of A Blank Planet
2. My Ashes
3. Anesthetize
4. Sentimental
5. Way Out Of Here
6. Sleep Together

Let me start by saying that Fear Of A Blank Planet is most definitely one of my favourite albums of 2007... and of all time. You may see six tracks up there, but do not judge this piece of musicianship by just that. Every song is just amazing, from first to last track... especially the third track, Anesthetize, which has to be one of my favourite songs ever written (I mean seriously, it's almost eighteen fucking minutes long!). Porcupine Tree has done it again and written a masterful album that has a different sound and atmosphere than the previous one, but is still really fuckin' good. Here's to you Porcupine Tree! Cheers!

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

Progressive Rock
Year: 2005
Download Here

1. Deadwing
2. Shallow
3. Lazarus
4. Halo
5. Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
6. Mellotron Scratch
7. Open Car
8. The Start of Something Beautiful
9. Glass Arm Shattering
10. She's Moved On

Deadwing, Porcupine Tree's eight studio album, is just another awesome album from this band. What I love about Porcupine Tree is that every album they put out just has its own unique atmosphere to it, but when you hear it you still know that it's them. If you listen to Porcupine Tree expecting every next album to be the same as the last, then you don't listen to them enough to know that they are quite changeable and experimental with the styles they incorporate into their song writing. Good album, good band... buy it and/or go see them live (I know I'd sure love to).

Porcupine Tree - In Absentia

In Absentia
Progressive Rock
Year: 2002
Download Here

1. Blackest Eyes
2. Trains
3. Lips Of Ashes
4. The Sound Of Muzak
5. Gravity Eyelids
6. Wedding Nails
7. Prodigal
8. .3
9. The Creator Has A Mastertape
10. Heartattack In A Layby
11. Strip The Soul
12. Collapse The Light Into The Earth

In Absentia is one of my all time favourite albums... ever. This was the first album I ever heard from Porcupine Tree and when I heard the introduction to Blackest Eyes and then Steve Wilson's voice for the first time I fell in love with this band instantly. There is just such a pleasurable flow to this album and I never get tired of hearing it. This is also the first album with the amazing Gavin Harrison on drums, who I strive to one day be as good as. My favourite songs are Trains, The Sound Of Muzak, and the instrumental song Wedding Nails. I highly recommend this album to Progressive music lovers.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun

Lightbulb Sun
Progressive Rock
Year: 2000
Download Here

1. Lightbulb Sun
2. How Is Your Life Today?
3. Four Chords That Made a Million
4. Shesmovedon
5. Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled
6. The Rest Will Flow
7. Hatesong
8. Where We Would Be
9. Russia On Ice
10. Feel So Low

I think Lightbulb Sun is a stunning album in its entirety. My favourite songs have to be Four Chords That Made A Million and Hatesong. Porcupine Tree is just that kind of band that will put out one kick-ass album after another, plain and simple. Whorship them!

Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream

Stupid Dream
Progressive Rock
Year: 1999
Download Here

1. Even Less
2. Piano Lessons
3. Stupid Dream
4. Pure Narcotic
5. Slave Called Shiver
6. Don't Hate Me
7. This Is No Rehearsal
8. Baby Dream in Cellophane
9. Stranger by the Minute
10. A Smart Kid
11. Tinto Brass
12. Stop Swimming

Porcupine Tree is definitely one of my favourite bands of all time. Stupid Dream, although released in '99, is actually their fifth studio album (it goes to show you that there are bands who can just put out one good album after another). Steve Wilson is one of my musical idols and I never get tired of hearing his voice. Chris Maitland is also an excellent drummer and works well with bassist Colin Edwin on this album. Stupid Dream is just an all-around great album, it's very progressive, musical, and personal.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World For Tomorrow

Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World For Tomorrow
Progressive Rock
Year: 2007
Download Here

1. The Reaping
2. No World For Tomorrow
3. The Hound (Of Blood And Rank)
4. Feathers
5. The Running Free
6. Mother Superior
7. Gravemakers & Gunslingers
8. Justice In Murder
9. The End Complete I: The Fall of House Atlantic
10. The End Complete II: Radio Bye Bye
11. The End Complete III: The End Complete
12. The End Complete IV: The Road And The Damned
13. The End Complete V: On The Brink

An epic end to an epic story, No World For Tomorrow is Coheed & Cambria's most recent, fourth album and the second part to the final chapter in The Amory Wars (Claudio Sanchez's comic book series from which all of the band's albums are based). This album is just as epic (if not more so) than From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness. Coheed & Cambria seems to be the kind of band that only gets better and better, and each album tends to be more Progressive than the last.

Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness

Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
Progressive Rock
Year: 2005
Download Here

1. Keeping The Blade
2. Always & Never
3. Welcome Home
4. Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial)
5. Crossing The Frame
6. Apollo I : The Writing Writer
7. Once Upon Your Dead Body
8. Wake Up
9. The Suffering
10. The Lying Lies & Dirty Secrets of Miss Erica Court
11. Mother May I
12. The Willing Well I: Fuel for the Feeding End
13. The Willing Well II: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
14. The Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth
15. The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut

I'm going to start by saying that this album is fucking epic! From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness is Coheed & Cambria's third album and I love it. Although Claudio Sanchez did change his singing style a bit (he kind of reminded me of Tia Dalma from Pirates Of The Caribbean with his accent) it actually grows on you and you begin to like it for what it is. My favourite songs are Ten Speed (Of God's Blood And Burial) and The Suffering. I highly recommend this great album.

Coheed And Cambria - The Second Stage Turbine Blade

The Second Stage Turbine Blade
Progressive Rock/Post-Hardcore
Year: 2002
Download Here

1. Second Stage Turbine Blade
2. Time Consumer
3. Devil In Jersey City
4. Everything Evil
5. Delirium Trigger
6. Hearshot Kid Disaster
7. 33
8. Junesong Provision
9. Neverender
10. God Send Conspirator

Well, here's a band that I've been meaning to post and review for a while now. When I first heard Coheed & Cambria (when I was younger) I actually didn't like them at all, but as I got older and my music taste began to expand (I find it expands everyday, actually) I listened to them again and now I love 'em. The Second Stage Turbine Blade is their first full-length release and is actually my least favourite of their four releases, but I still like it and think it's a good album. Coheed & Cambria definitely had more of a Post-Hardcore influenced sound on here, but they always had Progressive elements in their music from the very start. For those who don't already know, all of Coheed & Cambria's albums are concept albums and link together in chronological order to compose one large story (The Amory Wars, which is a comic book series written by frontman Claudio Sanchez). I know some things about this story, but I suggest those interested look it up and read about it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Decrepit Birth - Diminishing Between Worlds

Diminishing Between Worlds
Death Metal
Year: 2008
Download Here

1. The Living Doorway
2. Reflection Of Emotions
3. Diminishing Between Worlds
4. Dimensions Intertwine
5. The Enigmatic Form
6. A Gathering Of Imaginations
7. Through Alchemy Bound Eternal
8. ...And Time Begins
9. Await The Unending
10. Essence Of Creation
11. The Morpheus Oracle (Outro)

Decrepit Birth's second and most recent album, Diminishing Between Worlds, is definitely my favourite of their two releases. The recordings are just so much better than on ...And Time Begins, and all the musicianship and composition is really tight... even the vocals just sound more brutal and scary. This is an awesome, heavy, technical, and fast paced Death Metal album, and I love it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darkest Hour - Deliver Us

Deliver Us
Year: 2007
Download Here

1. Doomsayer (The Beginning Of The End)
2. Sanctuary
3. Demon(s)
4. An Ethereal Drain
5. A Paradox With Flies
6. The Light At The Edge Of The World
7. Stand And Receive Your Judgement
8. Tunguska
9. Fire In The Skies
10. Full Imperial Collapse
11. Deliver Us

Deliver Us is Darkest Hour's fifth and most recent full length album. I'll just tell you straight-up that I love this album. It is, of course, melodic as fuck, and John Henry's lyrics and vocals are just that damn good. Go see this band live, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation

Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation
Year: 2003
Download Here

1. The Sadist Nation
2. Payphones And Pills
3. Oklahoma
4. Marching To The Killing Rhythm
5. The Misinformation Age
6. Seven Day Lie
7. Accessible Losses
8. The Patriot Virus
9. Veritas Aequitas
10. With Friends Like These…

Yet another album by the amazingly melodic Darkest Hour. Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation is their third full length studio release and a personal favourite (though I really can't choose between this album and Undoing Ruin). The first track, The Sadist Nation, is my favourite... I love the fucking introduction to it, it's great. This album is really thrashy, more so than their previous two albums, but I love it. Once again... go see them live!

Darkest Hour - So Sedated, So Secure

So Sedated, So Secure
Year: 2001
Download Here

1. An Epitaph
2. So Sedated, So Secure
3. The Hollow
4. Another Reason
5. No Closer Than A Stranger
6. A Cold Kiss
7. Treason In Trust
8. The Last Dance Massacre

Here's another amazing and melodic album by Darkest Hour. So Sedated, So Secure is their second full length release, put out in 2001 and then rereleased in 2006. A damn good album by a damn good band with damn fucking good music! Praise them and go see them live!

Darkest Hour - The Mark Of The Judas

The Mark Of The Judas
Year: 2000
Download Here

1. For the Soul Of The Savior
2. A Blessing In Tragedy
3. The Legacy
4. Part II
5. Eclipse
6. The Mark Of The Judas
7. Escape Artist
8. Messiah Complex
9. How The Beautiful Decay

The Mark Of The Judas is Darkest Hour's first full length studio album and right from their first album, they already make a great impression on the Metal music scene. This is album is really, really good and I enjoyed listening to it. Another great thing about this band is that they only get better and better each album after this. You've gotta love that melodic sound!

Darkest Hour - Undoing Ruin

Undoing Ruin
Year: 2005
Download Here

1. With A Thousand Words To Say But One
2. Convalescence
3. This Will Outlive Us
4. Sound The Surrender
5. Pathos
6. Low
7. Ethos
8. District Divided
9. These Fevered Times
10. Paradise
11. Tranquil

Undoing Ruin is Darkest Hour's fourth album, but I'm going to review it first because it is the first album I heard from them. I have to, of course, do a little rant about something that I never understood... which is why people label this band under Metalcore. I guess they do have some Hardcore influence in their music, but they lack generic breakdowns and the music is more than just monotonous Metalcore riffs. This is why I placed them simply as Metal above, because they can't really be placed in any other particular branch of it. Anyway, Undoing Ruin is really a great album and Darkest Hour is a great band. The guitar riffs are very melodic, creative, and catchy (which I love!) and every instrument is played and recorded to its best. I saw these guys on their last headlining tour about two weeks ago and they put on one of the best performances I've ever seen in my life... and I've seen quite a lot.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Planet X - Quantum

Progressive Metal/Rock/Jazz
Year: 2007
Download Here

1. Alien Hip-Hop
2. Desert Girl
3. Matrix Gate
4. The Thinking Stone
5. Space Foam
6. Poland
7. Snuff
8. Kingdom of Dreams
9. Quantum Factor

Quantum is Planet X's third and most recent studio release and it is one of the most Progressive and interesting albums ever. Virgil Donati and Derek Sherinian, at the level that they are at in musicial skill, can only get better and better. All I can say about this album is that it is just fucking outstanding (as are all of their other releases) and that these guys are truly masters of their craft. Bravo, Planet X!

Planet X - MoonBabies

Progressive Metal/Rock/Jazz
Year: 2002
Download Here

1. MoonBabies
2. The Noble Savage
3. Ataraxia
4. 70 VIR
5. Micronesia
6. Interlude In Milan
7. Digital Vertigo
8. Ground Zero
9. Midnight Bell
10. Ignotum Per Ignotius

MoonBabies is Planet X's second studio album and probably my favourite one of all. Virgil Donati is truly a master drummer and the material he's written for this album is beyond impressive. I, of course, have to give credit to Derek Sherinian's amazing keyboard skills and musical composition, as well as to the many guest musicians featured on this album. My favourite song has to be Interlude In Milan... I can't even describe why, but there is just something about that song that is so... well, I guess I'll say it for the hundredth fucking time on this blog--awesome! As is this entire album in general, so I highly recommend it.

Planet X - Universe

Progressive Metal/Rock/Jazz
Year: 2000
Download Here

1. Clonus
2. Her Animal
3. Dog Boots
4. Bitch
5. King Of The Universe
6. Inside Black
7. Europa
8. Warfinger
9. Chocalate
10. Pods Of Trance
11. 2116

Planet X is an amazing instrumental band formed by Derek Sherinian (former Dream Theater keyboardist) and one of my top favourite drummers, Virgil Donati. These guys sort of broke off and formed from Sherinian's first solo album in 1999, which was also titled Planet X and featured Donati on drums. I'd have to say that these guys (and all the special guest musicians involved in Planet X) are musical geniuses. Universe is their first album and it is simply fucking great.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dredg - Catch Without Arms

Catch Without Arms
Progressive Rock
Year: 2005
Download Here

1. Ode To The Sun
2. Bug Eyes
3. Catch Without Arms
4. Not That Simple
5. Zebra Skin
6. Tanbark
7. Sang Real
8. Planting Seeds
9. Spitshine
10. Jamais Vu
11. Hungover On A Tuesday
12. Matroshka

I never get tired of Catch Without Arms, it's just such a beautiful and amazing album that it entertains me every time I hear it. The lyrics are brilliant, the melodies are creative, the drumming is dynamic, and Gavin Hayes singing is as good (if not better) than on El Cielo. Dredg certainly aren't just a band, they are a milestone in modern music and will surely be one of the bands that current fans will be listening to when we're older and younger people will get into and enjoy as well (sort of like Pink Floyd). This is one of my favourite albums, therefore it is, of course... highly recommended.

Dredg - El Cielo

El Cielo
Progressive Rock
Year: 2002
Download Here

1. Brushstroke
2. Same Ol' Road
3. Sanzen
4. Brushstroke: New Heart Shadow
5. Triangle
6. Sorry But It's Over
7. Convalescent
8. Brushstroke: Walk In The Park
9. Eighteen People Living In Harmony
10. Scissor Lock
11. Brushstroke: Reprise
12. Of The Room
13. Brushstroke: An Elephant In The Delta Waves
14. It Only Took A Day
15. Whoa Is Me
16. The Canyon Behind Her

Here is a band that deserves a lot of praise for what they are doing. Dredg are expressive, real, emotional, and have a lot of potential. El Cielo is actually their second album (they sound a lot different on their first) and it is one hell of an album. These guys are very original in their style of music, which is why I've labeled them under Progressive, and Gavin Hayes has one of the best voices I've ever heard. They even have an original concept for this album, being this is the only album I've ever heard that was actually based on a painting (Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening by one of my favourite artists, Salvidor Dali) and revolves around the theme of sleep paralysis. It's a long album, but it is as much of a masterpiece musically as Dali's work is visually. A high recommendation.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Opeth - Ghost Reveries

Ghost Reveries
Progressive Metal
Year: 2005
Download Here: Part 1, Part 2

1. Ghost Of Perdition
2. Baying Of The Hounds
3. Beneath The Mire
4. Atonement
5. Reverie/Harlequin Forest
6. Hours Of Wealth
7. The Grand Conjuration
8. Isolation Years

I have heard mixed opinions on Opeth's eighth studio release, Ghost Reveries. Some say they sold out because they signed to Roadrunner Records, which I think is absurd, being Mikael Åkerfeldt is still writing the music that he wants to write. I personally adore this album greatly, it's one of my favourite albums of all time. Ghost Of Perdition has to have one of the coolest introductions ever to an album (don't lie, you all know that you shit you're pants when you first heard Mikael bust in after that little calm strumming riff, screaming "Ghost of mother, lingering death!"). This album is top notch, and is unfortunately the last album to feature drummer Martin Lopez. This is highly recommended, of course.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Opeth - Blackwater Park

Blackwater Park
Progressive Metal
Year: 2001
Download Here: Part 1, Part 2

1. The Leper Affinity
2. Bleak
3. Harvest
4. The Drapery Falls
5. Dirge For November
6. The Funeral Portrait
7. Patterns In The Ivy
8. Blackwater Park

Opeth's fifth album, Blackwater Park, might just be my favourite album from them (though that's hard to say, really, being I love them all). This album was produced by Steve Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) who also contributes some backing vocals on some of the songs. I remember when I first heard the introduction to The Leper Affinity that I instantly fell in love with the song. I can't really choose a particular favourite on this album, because I like every song so much and it's really an album I have to listen to completely when I put it on. Highly, highly, highly fucking recommended!

Opeth - Still Life

Still Life
Progressive Metal
Year: 1999
Download Here: Part 1, Part 2

1. The Moor
2. Godheads Lament
3. Benighted
4. Moonlapse Vertigo
5. Face Of Melinda
6. Serenity Painted Death
7. White Cluster

Still Life, Opeth's fourth studio album, is fucking amazing. It is one of my favourite albums to listen to and I am in love with the catchy guitar riffs, the intense drumming, and the amazing lyrics. Still Life is a concept album and the story behind it is actually quite sad (read about it here). To me, this is the album that Opeth really completely mastered their Progressive sound.

Opeth - Orchid

Progressive Metal
Year: 1995
Download Here: Part 1, Part 2

1. In Mist She Was Standing
2. Under The Weeping Moon
3. Silhouette
4. Forest Of October
5. The Twilight Is My Robe
6. Requiem
7. The Apostle In Triumph

Even more classic than Morningrise is Opeth's first ever release, titled Orchid. I love this album a lot, and I appreciate it as much as I appreciate their newer material. Ironically, the first track (on their first album, mind you) In The Mist She was Standing, was actually the first song I ever heard from this band. Even back in 1995, from the very start, Mikael Åkerfeldt was doing clean singing and deep growls.

Opeth - Morningrise

Progressive Metal
Year: 1996
Download Here

1. Advent
2. The Night And The Silent Water
3. Nectar
4. Black Rose Immortal
5. To Bid You Farewell

Opeth's second album, Morningrise, in my opinion, is a classic musical masterpiece. At the time, Opeth was really the only band who could merge Death Metal style (riffs and vocals) with soothing clean singing and Progressive elements. This album may be only five tracks, but every track is over ten minutes long (Black Rose Immortal coming in at a whomping twenty minutes and fifteen seconds, making it their longest song ever). Morningrise is just plain fucking awesome, like every Opeth album to follow.

Ihsahn - angL

Progressive Metal
Year: 2008
Download Here

1. Misanthrope
2. Scarab
3. Unhealer
4. Emancipation
5. Malediction
6. Alchemist
7. Elevator
8. Threnody
9. Monolith

angL is the second full-length solo album by Ihsahn (front man of Emperor). I actually liked this album a lot better than his first solo release. The music is very Progressive (hence the label above) and I believe that this man is a musical genius. This album is very, very original and interesting in its mix of styles. The song Unhealer is one of the most awesome songs ever, especially because it features none other than Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth.

Ihsahn - The Adversary

The Adversary
Progressive Metal
Year: 2006
Download Here

1. Invocation
2. Called By The Fire
3. Citizen
4. Homecoming
5. Astera Ton Proinon
6. Panem Et Circenses
7. And He Shall Walk In Empty Places
8. Will You Love Me Now?
9. The Pain Is Still Mine

This is Emperor front-man Ihsahn's first solo album The Adversary. He is an outstanding musician and proves he can do a lot more than just Black Metal, especially with this album. There is a wide range of influences in it and it's quite Progressive. An all around good listen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emperor - Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And Demise

Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And Demise
Black Metal
Year: 2001
Download Here

1. The Eruption
2. Depraved
3. Empty
4. The Prophet
5. The Tongue Of Fire
6. In The Wordless Chamber
7. Grey
8. He Who Sought The Fire
9. Thorns On My Grave

Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And Demise is Emperor's fourth and final full length album. I actually like this album a lot (though a lot of Black Metal elitists might disagree) and think it's a great fucking listen. Emperor definitely went for a slightly more Progressive sound on this album, but it works and it sounds good. The Black Metal elements are still there, but I think the Progressive elements make the music so much more interesting (especially Ihsahn's clean, opera-like singing parts). This album kicks ass, plain and simple.

Emperor - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk

Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Black Metal
Year: 1997
Download Here

1. Alsbartr The Oath
2. Ye Entrancemperium
3. Thus Spake The Nightspirit
4. Ensorcelled By Khaos
5. The Loss And Curse Of Reverence
6. The Acclamation Of Bonds
7. With Strength I Burn
8. The Wanderer
9. In Longing Spirit
10. Opus A Satana
11. The Loss And Curse Of Reverence (Live)

Another great album by the legendary Emperor. Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk is their second full length release and it's a damn good album. Emperor is the kind of band that only gets better, in my opinion, and I don't believe they have any bad albums at all. Buy all of their albums and their merchandise (their T-shirts are cool) if you can.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse

In The Nightside Eclipse
Black Metal
Year: 1994
Download Here: Part 1, Part 2

1. Into The Infinity Of Thoughts
2. The Burning Shadows Of Silence
3. Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times
4. Beyond The Great Vast Forest
5. Towards The Pantheon
6. The Majesty Of The Nightsky
7. I Am The Black Wizards
8. Inno A Satana
9. A Fine Day To Die (Bathory Cover)
10. Gypsy (Mercyful Fate Cover)

Emperor's first full length release, In The Nightside Eclipse, is a black metal classic. This is a dreary, evil, and raw album and one of my favourite Black Metal releases. Personally, the symphonic keyboard parts are what made the album for me, though Ihsahn's vocals are really cool and the riffs are really catchy as well. Plus, their cover of Bathory's A Fine Day To Die is fucking awesome. This is an all-around awesome Black Metal album... I just wish Emperor would do another reunion tour, because I missed the last one.

Emperor - IX Equilibrium

IX Equilibrium
Black Metal
Year: 1999
Download Here

1. Curse You All Men!
2. Decrystallizing Reason
3. An Elegy Of Icaros
4. The Source Of Icon E
5. Sworn
6. Nonus Aequilibrium
7. The Warriors Of Modern Death
8. Of Blindness And Subsequent Seers

This is my favourite Emperor album and one of my most favourite Black Metal albums of all time. IX Equilibrium, their third full-length album, is rebellious, evil, and fucking heavy. Right from the opening song (the infamous Curse You All Men!) when you hear that fucking sick, high-pitched, sinister scream, you know that these guys mean business. The symphonic keyboards and synthesizers on this album are so dark and epic and I never get tired of hearing it. Highly recommended.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare

Favourite Worst Nightmare
Indie Rock/Britpop
Year: 2007
Download Here

1. Brianstorm
2. Teddy Picker
3. D Is For Dangerous
4. Balaclava
5. Fluorescent Adolescent
6. Only Ones Who Know
7. Do Me A Favour
8. This House Is a Circus
9. If You Were There, Beware
10. The Bad Thing
11. Old Yellow Bricks
12. 505
13. Da Frame 2R (Japanese Bonus Track)
14. Matador (Japanese Bonus Track)

Here's something a bit different than what I usually post, but I'm open minded (and I just love all different kinds of music) and this is, after all, supposed to be a diverse blog. Arctic Monkeys are a young band hailing from South Yorkshire, England. In my opinion, these guys are fuckin' cool--especially on this album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, their second release. These guys have a catchy and fun style of music and the lyrics are brilliant, witty, and poetic. I also love that they actually sing in their British accents.

Between The Buried And Me - Between The Buried And Me

Progressive Metal/Mathcore
Year: 2002
Download Here

1. More Of Myself To Kill
2. Arsonist
3. Aspirations
4. What We Have Become
5. Fire For A Dry Mouth
6. Naked By The Computer
7. Use Of A Weapon
8. Shevanel Cut A Flip

This is Between The Buried And Me's self-titled debut album. This is the only album you can hear more of a Metalcore sound in their playing, but it's still so experimental and progressive (especially for the year it came out, when most bands weren't doing this) and shows you that these guys were playing original music from the very start. This is a really cool and heavy album and I love listening to it and seeing how much these guys have advanced and progressed as a band. They remind me of Pink Floyd, only in the sense that all of their albums sound sort of different, but in a way they still keep that Between The Buried And Me sound.

Between The Buried And Me - Colors

Progressive Metal/Mathcore
Year: 2007
Download Here

1. Foam Born (A) The Backtrack
2. Foam Born (B) The Decade of Statues
3. Informal Gluttony
4. Sun of Nothing
5. Ants of the Sky
6. Prequel to the Sequel
7. Viridian
8. White Walls

There are really no words to describe my love for this damn album... that's how great it is. Between The Buried And Me's fourth studio release, Colors, is a fucking masterpiece of musicianship. I am beyond privileged to have seen these guys live three times... but no show could ever compare to their headlining tour in 2007, when I saw them in New York City, Blender Theater, on Halloween (with supporting acts Animosity and HORSE The Band). They played this entire album, straight through (and Selkies: The Endless Obsession as an encore) without missing a fucking note. Let's just say I was speechless when it was over (literally, I lost my voice from screaming every word) and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. These guys have taken so many different styles of music and masterfully fused them together, everything from metal and hardcore, to jazz, rock, and even a little country. This album is Between The Buried And Me at their best and the peak of their progressive development. I worship them and you should too.

Between The Buried And Me - Alaska

Progressive Metal/Mathcore
Year: 2005
Download Here

1. All Bodies
2. Alaska
3. Croakies And Boatshoes
4. Selkies: The Endless Obsession
5. Breathe In, Breathe Out
6. Roboturner
7. Backwards Marathon
8. Medicine Wheel
9. The Primer
10. Autodidact
11. Laser Speed

Alaska is one of the greatest metal albums I've ever heard (although some might beg to differ, but this blog is for my opinions, not yours). Between The Buried And Me continues to develop their sound on this, their third studio album. This is the first album that their solid line-up was established, entering in three new members since The Silent Circus (Dustie Waring on guitar and Blake Richardson on drums (both of Glass Casket) as well as amazing bassist, Dan Briggs). From the opening track, All Bodies, you already know that this album is going to knock you on your ass. And who could forget their infamous song Selkies: The Endless Obsession (which they're actually tired of playing all the time). Alaska is full of beautiful melodies, skillful drumming, poetic lyrics, and deranged harsh vocals as well as beautiful clean singing buy the amazing Tommy Rogers.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus

The Silent Circus
Progressive Metal/Mathcore
Year: 2003
Download Here

1. Lost Perfection a) Coulrophobia
2. Lost Perfection b) Anablephobia
3. Camilla Rhodes
4. Mordecai
5. Reaction
6. Shevanel Take 2
7. Ad A Dglgmut
8. Destructo Spin
9. Aesthetic
10. The Need for Repetition

Between The Buried And Me is one of my top, most favourite bands ever... and The Silent Circus is one of my top albums. This is their second album, and boy is it fucking awesome. To those who call these guys Metalcore, you're musically ignorant... this is Progressive Metal, there's far too much skill and interchangeability for this to simply be called Metalcore. Anyway, this album was before they had their current solid line-up and features Mark Castillo (who now plays for Bury Your Dead) on drums. Every song is outstanding (especially Mordecai) the lyrics are brilliant, the drumming is intense, and the riffs and solos are technical and skillful. Highly recommended album.

Wintersun - Wintersun

Melodic Death Metal
Year: 2004
Download Here

1. Beyond The Dark Sun
2. Winter Madness
3. Sleeping Stars
4. Battle Against Time
5. Death And The Healing
6. Starchild
7. Beautiful Death
8. Sadness And Hate

Wintersun was founded by Jari Mäenpää (former front-man/guitarist of Ensiferum) and this is their only album released so far. This is one of my favourite albums and one I never get tired of hearing. The music is just amazing, especially the guitar solos. I also love the lyrics and themes on this album. I just wish Jari and the band would hurry up and finish the new album, Time (it's been over four years, guys... I'm growing impatient). Anyway, I highly recommend this album.

Behemoth - The Apostasy

The Apostasy
Death Metal
Year: 2007
Download Here

1. Rome 64 C.E.
2. Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa
3. Prometherion
4. At The Left Hand Ov God
5. Kriegsphilosophie
6. Be Without Fear
7. Arcana Hereticae
8. Libertheme
9. Inner Sanctum
10. Pazuzu
11. Christgrinding Avenue

The Apostasy is Behemoth's most recent album and their eighth studio release. I have seen these guys live three times, the last time was their tour in support of this album. Let me tell you, these guys really know how to put on a show and I enjoyed seeing some of the new material performed. I cheered so loud when Nergal brought a giant Holy Bible on stage, gave a very heretical, religious emancipation speech, began tearing pages from it, and then threw it in the crowd where the rest was torn to shreds. Also, Inferno did a pretty sick drum solo. Hails to you, Behemoth!

Behemoth - Demigod

Death Metal
Year: 2004
Download Here

1. Sculpting the Throne Ov Seth
2. Demigod
3. Conquer All
4. The Nephilim Rising
5. Towards Babylon
6. Before the Æons Came
7. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)
8. XUL
9. Slaves Shall Serve
10. The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor

Demigod is Behemoth's seventh studio album and my personal favourite. Every song is fucking awesome and Inferno's drumming is godly in speed. I love Nergal's lyrics and the themes behind this album, most of which are drawn from ancient Mesopotamian mythology and symbolism. The Reign Of Shemsu-Hor is one of my most favourite songs ever... it's so fucking epic. Demigod is an amazing album and I never get tired of listening to it. Buy it.

Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)

Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)
Death Metal
Year: 2002
Download Here

1. Horns Ov Baphomet
2. Modern Iconoclasts
3. Here And Beyond (Titanic Turn Of Time)
4. As Above So Below
5. Blackest Ov The Black
6. Hekau 718
7. The Harlot Ov The Saints
8. No Sympathy For Fools
9. Zos Kia Cultus
10. Fornicatus Benefictus
11. Typhonian Soul Zodiack
12. Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Might

Behemoth's sixth album, Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond), is pretty damn evil. I liked the fact that this album was longer than their previous releases. Inferno's drumming is, of course insane... and Nergal's lyrics are as cool as ever. All in all, a good and heavy album.

Behemoth - Satanica

Death Metal/Black Metal
Year: 1999
Download Here

1. Decade Of Therion
2. LAM
3. Ceremony Of Shiva
4. Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality
5. The Sermon To The Hypocrites
6. Starspawn
7. The Alchemist's Dream
8. Chant For Eschaton 2000

Satanica is Behemoth's fourth album and pretty much the album that the transition from their Black Metal to Death Metal sound began to be heard. It's a sick album and it will definitely keep you awake. Hail Satan...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Behemoth - Thelema.6

Death Metal
Year: 2000
Download Here

1. Antichristian Phenomenon
2. The Act Of Rebellion
3. Inflamed With Rage
4. Pan Satyros
5. Natural Born Philosopher
6. Christians To The Lions
7. Inauguration Of Scorpio Dome
8. In The Garden Of Dispersion
9. The Universe Illumination (Say "Hello" To My Demons)
10. Vinum Sabbati
11. 23 (The Youth Manifesto)
12. The End

I would say that Thelema .6 is the album where Behemoth completely changed into straight up Death Metal (although you can hear the changes begin with Satanica). I do like Behemoth's Black Metal material, but not nearly as much as I like their Death Metal material. Thelema .6 is a good album, bearing classic anti-religious anthems, such as Antichristian Phenomenon and Christians To The Lions (both are sick to see performed live). Get this album and hail Satan! (That was a joke.)

HIM - Venus Doom

Venus Doom
Gothic Rock
Year: 2007
Download Here

1.Venus Doom
2.Love in Cold Blood
3.Passion's Killing Floor
4.The Kiss of Dawn
5.Sleepwalking Past Hope
6.Dead Lovers' Lane
7.Song or Suicide
8.Bleed Well
9.Cyanide Sun

I really have nothing to say about all of the HIM albums I just posted, being I was never fond of them and don't listen to any of their music (although I've heard this album once and it wasn't bad). I simply posted their discography for a good friend of mine.

HIM - Dark Light

Dark Light
Gothic Rock
Year: 2005
Download Here

1. Face of God
2. Rip Out the Wings of A Butterfly
3. Killing Loneliness
4. Behind the Crimson Door
5. Dark Light
6. Under the Rose
7. Vampire Heart
8. Play Dead
9. Drunk on Shadows
10. In the Night-Side of Eden